Why Join Scouting?

So many families have heard about scouting and want to know more about acitvities during the school year for scouts of all ages. You can learn more about our annual activities here and look through our previous events here.

But what is the value of scouting??

These are just a few of the reasons family love scouting.
1. Outdoor Activities – Hiking, Camping, Picnics…these are activities we do throughout the year.
2. Try New Things – Building a birdhouse and campfire, learning to tie knots and create derby race cars.
3. Important Skills – Learning how to read a map properly or use hand tools
4. How to Set and Achieve Goals – How to stay healthy with monthly activity goals and nutritious meals
5. Character Development – Every month has a different theme about being a good scout and citizen in our community

If you’re not sure if scouting is the right choice for your family, just ask us about joining an upcoming event…we’d love to show you how much fun our scouts have while growing into outstanding members of our community!

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