Pack Meeting Responsibilities


All Pack meetings are at 6:15 pm in the Quail Run MPR

Meeting Format

  • 6:15-6:30 PM: Gathering activity-activity led by host den, time for parents to do event signups, check-in with den or pack leaders with any questions
  • 6:30-6:35 PM: Opening Flag Ceremony- led by host den
  • 6:35-7:25 PM: Meeting
    • Skits and Songs (led by Cubmaster and host den)
    • Pack business items- announcements, upcoming events
    • Awards- awards to give out that were earned in past month
    • Activity involving all the scouts
    • Raffles
  • 7:25-8:00 PM: Closing Flag Ceremony

Attend Monthly Pack Meetings

  • If unable to attend, communicate with your Assistant Den Leader about your absence and ensure they will be present.
  • If neither den leader is able to attend a monthly pack meeting, communicate with your parents and assign your responsibilities to a parent in the den.
  • Your den will be assigned to host at least one pack meeting.
  • Pick-up items in your den folder in the green file folder at the table at the entrance.  You will find awards, flyers, songs, etc… for the pack meeting
  • Sit in your den during the meeting.  Ensure good behavior and manners of scouts.

When Your Den Hosts a Pack Meeting

Each month one den is assigned to host a pack meeting (check with Committee Chair for the schedule)

  1. Purchase 3 raffle items (budget for all three is $30, reimbursable cost)
  2. Meeting set-up (tables, etc.)
  3. Distribute raffle tickets to scouts as they enter the meeting
  4. Plan a gathering activity & gather/purchase materials needed  reimbursed cost of items and/or printing fees $30 max)
  5. Lead gathering activity at the meeting
  6. Skits and Songs
    • Must do a total of 2 skits or 1 skit and 1 song
    • If doing a song, email Cubmaster the song so the song can be included in the slideshow for the scouts to sing along.
  7. Flag Ceremonies- opening and closing (scripts)
  8. Lead the pack in the Scout Oath and Scout Law (pdf and PowerPoint)
  9. Clean-up

Tips when hosting a pack meeting

    • Prep, Prep, Prep!! The more you have discussed and planned with all of your den families, the better the experience for all involved.
    • Discuss in person with all den families what the responsibilities are for hosting a pack meeting at a den meeting the month before your host pack meeting date- LET THEM KNOW THE EXPECTATION IS THAT ALL THE PARENTS HELP OUT WITH THIS MEETING.
    • Advise families they will need to arrive at MPR by 6:30 pm to set-up tables and gathering activity.
    • Advise families that parents will need to oversee the gathering activity and help all scouts in completing the activity.
    • Advise scouts that their job is to greet scouts as they enter the MPR and direct/ walk them over to the gathering activity.
    • Gathering activity materials.
      • Be conservative in your use of materials- try to find activities that use recycled materials that den materials can donate to keep purchased materials to a minimum.
      • You will be reimbursed for the cost of any supplies you need to buy and/or the cost of printing any activity sheets up to $30. (The UPS store near Safeway has great copy prices!) Keep your receipts and submit them to the committee chair/treasurer.
    • Assign one scout and their parent to “man” the raffle ticket table during the gathering activity
    • Practice the Flag Ceremony at your den meeting the month before you host.
      • Assign each scout a task- two to carry flags (with leader or parent help), one to announce/narrate, which scouts will walk behind the flags.
    • Practice your skit at your den meeting the month before you host.
      • Work on having the boys speak slowly, annunciate each word and SPEAK LOUDLY (in the MPR they will not be heard unless they almost shout!)
      • Use props to a minimum if they enhance the skit- otherwise, the boys focus on talking to the prop instead of the audience.
      • The microphone will not be available for use.

Practice your song (if doing one) at your den meeting the month before you host.

    • Plan to teach all the scouts any movements that go with the song (always a hit with the crowd!)


  • Raffle Prizes
    • You will be reimbursed by the pack up to $30 so keep your receipt(s) and submit to the committee chair/treasurer.
    • 3 prizes with a budget of $30 to spend.
    • Make them “Scouty”- lanterns, flashlights, compass, headlamps, emergency whistles, a deck of scout skills cards, etc.
    • Big 5 and the scout store have great little items near the register.