Denner Installation Ceremony


<Den leader lights candle>

Den leader: [new denner’s name], please step forward.  This candle represents the spirit of Cub Scouting. It takes team effort to keep the spirit alive, to keep the candle burning. You have just been selected to be a member of that team.

As denner, your duties are to assist me in den activities which include

  • Leading the den in a flag ceremony
  • Keep the den in order; use the Cub Scout sign; if needed, you have the power and duty to get the parents involved.
  • Help with cleanup and setup of den meetings

Do you accept these responsibilities and promise to do your best to keep the spirit of Cub Scouting alive?

New denner: Yes, I will do my best.

Den leader: Denner [previous denner’s name], will you please step forward so I can transfer the denner cord to [new denner’s name]?

<Den leader transfers cord to new denner onto his left shoulder>

Thank you [prev denner] for your service. <Cub Scout shake.> And thank you [new denner] for accepting the denner role. <Cub Scout shake.>

<New denner blows out candle>