Den Leaders
  1. Adult application:
    1. Download the PDF
    2. Fill out. Note the following position codes
      1. DL for Den Leader
      2. DA for Assistant Den Leader
      3. TL for Tiger Den Leader
      4. WL for Webelos Den Leader
      5. WA for Assistant Webelos Den Leader
    3. Print out
    4. Submit to Committee Chair.
  2. Adult Uniform (Where to get:
    1. Official Boy Scouts of America Adult Leader Shirt
    2. World Scout Crest
    3. Red 996 Numerals
    4. Council Shoulder Patch (Mount Diablo Silverado)
    5. Blue Shoulder Loops
    6. Den Number
    7. Neckerchief
    8. Neckerchief Slide
    9. All other uniform pieces are optional. Olive pants/shorts are recommended.BSA Resources:
  3. Take the following classes either online (see below) or in-person (see below):
    1. Youth Protection Training
    2. This is Scouting
    3. Hazardous Weather
    4. Den Leader Fast Start
    5. Leader Position-Specific Training
      Position specific = rank according to grade in school
      1st= Tiger
      2nd = Wolf
      3rd= Bear
      4th & 5th= Webelos

Steps to take online classes:

    1. Visit
    2. If needed, create an account.
    3. Login.
    4. Click “Menu”
    5. Click “My Dashboard”

For details: see:

To get notification about the in-person training, attend the monthly District Roundtable and check out the monthly Meridian District newsletter: