Welcome to a new Scouting Year!

As we start the 2021-22 school year, Pack 996 is looking forward to a wonderful year of adventures with our scouting families. Here’s some information about what you can expect for the coming year.

Our pack is usually around 70-100 scouts all from Quail Run, both boys and girls.

Scouts are assigned to dens of 5-8 scouts (either all boys or all girls) which are broken up by grades/ranks.

Scouts will work through a variety of adventures associated with their rank such as learning about first aid, hiking, knot tying, cooking, building, swimming, etc.

Scouts will typically meet twice per month:
– One pack meeting (usually on Monday evenings) where we have a monthly theme, games, and awards.
– One den meeting. The den meeting is where scouts do their adventures.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings, we have:
– 2 campouts per year where the pack organizes everything (food, activities, etc) and you just need to bring your tent, sleeping bags, etc
– A pinewood derby where scouts get to make their own cars (we have all the necessary tools & kits) and race them against their pack-mates
– Picnics, hikes and other fun outdoor activities

We would LOVE to have more scouts join our family. If you have questions about the upcoming year, please email cubmaster@pack996.org

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