Common Registration Problems

subject: pinewood
  1. Probably the most common issue during registration last year was cars being over (or severely under) weight.  Racers should come prepared to make simple adjustments to their car’s weight.  We will have a clinic set-up during the check in of the pinewood derby cars that will allow for minor adjustments to the cars.
  2. Another common problem was with cars that were too long.  This was normally caused by gluing accessories on the back, or in the front, of the car.  This presents a big problem because it is very difficult to remove the accessories that have been glued in place, and removal may also throw off the weight and balance of the vehicle.  Double-check the length of your car before registration. NOTE: It IS permissible to glue accessories, decorations, figures, etc to your car. Just make sure your completed car fits the dimensions in the rules.
  3. We also noted last year that numerous cars did not have sufficient clearance between the car and the track; the minimum under clearance is 3/8in.  This is caused by attaching too many weights to the underside of the car.  Not only can this cause damage to the track, but your car will be extremely slow.
Looking forward to seeing the designs and races on RACE DAY!!!
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