1. Take the BSA training outlined at This will give a good background on being a den leader.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask other Den Leaders, the Committee Chair, or the Cubmaster.
  2. Link for reserving rooms:
  3. First meeting:
    1. Have everyone (parents and scouts) attend to meet each other
    2. Have nametags, have a game to learn each other’s names and break the ice
    3. Discuss future den meeting details (schedule, rules, etc)
    4. Collect $20 from each family for den expenses throughout the year
  4. Second meeting:
    1. Bobcat
    2. Easy requirements
  5. Delegate!  Delegate as much as you can to the other parents (even the small tasks!).   Here are some common roles to delegate:
    1. Popcorn coordinator
      1. Collects forms and money from all scouts in den
      2. Validates money collected matches the order per scout
      3. Provides money and summary of orders to popcorn lead (kernal)
      4. Picks up popcorn from popcorn lead (kernal)
      5. Distributes popcorn to scouts
    2. Advancement coordinator: Enters completion of requirements and electives into scouttrack.
    3. Gathering activities/snacks for each den meeting (1 family/month)
    4. Field trip planning
  6. New Webelos Dens:
    1. Pick a patrol name
    2. Webeloree details
  7. Create a Den Flag for pack meetings.  Examples:
  8. Responsibilities at Pack Meetings:
  9. Scripts for flag ceremonies:
  10. Den leader guide book will be provided by the pack (see Committee Chair):
  11. Quick tips:
    1. “Gamify things” – Scouts love to compete.  Including parents is also very fun.
    2. Start having a denner role (scout who is the Den Leader’s special helper).  Get a denner cord and have a ceremony.  Ceremony example.
    3. Use carpet squares or “spot markers” (perhaps named) for scouts to stay in a designated spot
    4. Use a whistle to get scouts’ attention
    5. Our website will have the up-to-date calendar:
    6. Coordinate uniform and handbook shopping.  Shop together to help each other out.  Or designate someone to pick up things for others to save others a trip.